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Thu 26 Jan - 15:44 by
1,000,000 Likes to Stop SOPA and PIPA.Anti PIPA and SOPA Anti PIPA and SOPA


Right now, there are two pieces of …

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Computer Shop Complete Set-up Package
Sun 30 Jan - 7:12 by
Computer Shop Complete Set-up

We Accept Computer Shop Set-up.

Package include:
- Networking
- Operating System intallation
- MS Office 2007 & 2010
- 100's OF Games TO BE SELECTED (Lan & Online)
- Deepfreeze (optional)
- Anti-Virus

Just Visit Web.Net Internet Cafe Located at Rizal cor. Delicona st. Tandag, Surigao …

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Coin Operated PC Timer
Tue 25 Jan - 16:43 by

1.) Digital time indicator which disables
the monitor, keyboard or mouse when timer runs out.
2.) Compact design
3.) Last one minute alarm function

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Thu 23 Dec - 1:57 by webnetrhung
Internet (Chatting & Web Surfing)
LAN Games & Online Games
Invitation Cards
Photo Editing
CD & DVD Burning
Audio & Video Remix
ID Lamination
Games Installation (PC, PSP, MP3, MP4)
Software Installation
Hardware Installation
Network Installation
Computer Repair Hardware, Software & Troubleshooting



NOW Accept....

Software …

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WEBNET Internet Cafe Services Offered
Mon 20 Dec - 9:42 by

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 eScan Anti-Virus 11.0.1139.828 ML | 146 MB [Hotfile]

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PostSubject: eScan Anti-Virus 11.0.1139.828 ML | 146 MB [Hotfile]   Mon 24 Jan - 15:06

eScan Anti-Virus 11.0.1139.828 ML | 146
MB [Hotfile]

eScan Anti-Virus
11.0.1139.828 ML | 146 MB

eScan Anti-Virus 11 - is a complete solution for protection against
malicious software and data security. eScan 1911 protects computers from
viruses (including zero-day threats), unwanted and inappropriate
Internet content, as well as other security threats including spyware,
adware, keyloggers, rootkits, botnets, hacker attacks, spam and phishing
. To ensure complete protection of your computer. program uses advanced
technologies such as MWL, DIRC and NILP and sophisticated heuristic

Main features of eScan Anti-Virus 11:
• Modern and simple user interface
• The best protection without slowing down the speed of your computer
• Effective protection in real time all the folders and files on your
• Lock the alerts and warnings during the computer game
• Stop memory-intensive processes for laptops
• Integrated protection from all network attacks
• Protect files and folders from changing or removing
• Removing rootkits and virus-infected files that can not be cleaned in
the normal mode of Windows
• Automatically check for and download critical updates for Windows
operating system from Microsoft
• Automatically provides compressed in accordance with the network
bandwidth virus data**** updates

The main characteristics of the eScan Anti-Virus 1911

• User-friendly graphical interface
eScan is a new, modern graphical user interface tailored to the needs of
both beginners and experienced users who intuitively simple and easy to
use. The new interface eScan consumes minimal system resources and
requires less memory, which allows it to operate efficiently without
sacrificing computing performance.

• Fast on-demand
Improved on-demand scan with the eScan WhiteListing new technology
reduces scan time and ensure a minimum consumption of system resources.
This ensures that the user's computer will not lose performance, even
when eScan performs a thorough scan of your system.

• High scan content in real time to better protect your computer from
eScan scans in real time files, messages and e-mail attachments and web
traffic using the MWL technology and DIRC, as well as advanced heuristic
algorithm. It allows you to inspect the contents for the presence of
confidential data, inappropriate content, insulting and obscene
********. In addition, it uses advanced technology of self-defense to
prevent disabling eScan protect the user's computer for malware attacks a
new generation.

• Uninterrupted gaming experience
eScan 1911 comes with advanced detection feature game mode (Game
Detection) which automatically detects the launch of the game. When the
game mode is enabled, eScan prevents notifications and alerts on the
screen providing users with continuous gameplay.

• A powerful heuristic scanning for proactive security
eScan 1911 includes a powerful anti-virus heuristic scanning algorithm
which allows to determine the unknown viruses that are constantly being
created by ******* and virus writers. This technology also detects and
warns the user about applications that are behaving suspiciously, and,
therefore, protects the user from unknown threats and zero-day attacks,
"In addition, it allows the user to block the launch of the network of
executable files, thereby preventing contamination of the network.

• Advanced Anti-Spam
eScan 1911 allows you to effectively block spam using embedded
technologies, such as a teaching mechanism NILP (Non Intrusive Learning
Pattern) and a sophisticated heuristic filters that work by analyzing
the specific keywords and phrases. NILP uses artificial intelligence to
identify patterns of user behavior and cl***ification of e-mails as
normal or unsolicited (spam).

• Protection of folders and user file locking
Escan 11 allows users to identify the specific files, the creation of
which must be blocked, and also includes the function of protecting the
folders from the changes made by malicious software.

• Enhanced firewall
Built-in firewall eScan 1911 seamlessly integrates with the Windows ®
operating system 7. A firewall monitors and logged inbound and outbound
traffic on your computer and protects against all types of network
attacks. In addition, it includes a set of predefined rules to control
access, the user can configure to filter network traffic.

• Extensive inventory
eScan 1911 allows users to perform a static inventory of computer
resources with a tool to collect information about the system. This tool
provides users with comprehensive information on the detailed computer
hardware and software.

• Comprehensive Reporting
eScan 1911 has extensive reporting capabilities for any of its modules,
the user can be used for further in-depth analysis.

• Effective Remote Support
Remote Support eScan eScan allows technicians to obtain, if necessary,
and with permission of the user remote access to computer and directly
address the problem. This helps provide a safer, faster and better
support worldwide, as well as increase its efficiency.

• Effective Backup and Recovery eScan
eScan 1911 includes a feature eScan Auto Back-up and Restore that allows
you to backup all the commonly used system files and save them in
encrypted form. In case of contamination of system files, system restore
all the "clean" source files automatically.

• Automatic download critical updates Microsof ®
eScan 1911 allows you to automatically check for and download critical
updates for Windows ® operating systems from the site of Microsoft ®,
thereby preventing the possibility of exploiting vulnerabilities of the
operating system with malware.

• Rescue Disk for Windows
eScan 1911 allows users to easily create an image file rescue disk for
Windows (Windows ****d Rescue Disk) with the help of a special master.
Rescue disk can be used purification system from rootkits and infected
files that can not be cleaned in normal boot mode of Windows.

• Automatically compress update
eScan 11 provides automatic updates for virus definitions and spam, as
well as for software modules. Signature virus threats and spam are
automatically updated every hour for the immediate protection of
existing and emerging threats. Updates are transmitted over the network
in compressed form to save bandwidth.

• Free technical support 24 * 7
Free technical support in the online mode (using email, chat and forum)
is provided around the clock. In addition, provides free technical
support by phone during business hours.

System requirements:
Processor: Pentium II 200 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
Hard Disk: at least 300 MB of free space
Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
CD-ROM Drive

Releases released: 2010
Platform: Windows 7/Vista/XP (All Versions x32 & x64 bit)
L@nguage: ML


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eScan Anti-Virus 11.0.1139.828 ML | 146 MB [Hotfile]
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