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Thu 26 Jan - 15:44 by
1,000,000 Likes to Stop SOPA and PIPA.Anti PIPA and SOPA Anti PIPA and SOPA


Right now, there are two pieces of …

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Computer Shop Complete Set-up Package
Sun 30 Jan - 7:12 by
Computer Shop Complete Set-up

We Accept Computer Shop Set-up.

Package include:
- Networking
- Operating System intallation
- MS Office 2007 & 2010
- 100's OF Games TO BE SELECTED (Lan & Online)
- Deepfreeze (optional)
- Anti-Virus

Just Visit Web.Net Internet Cafe Located at Rizal cor. Delicona st. Tandag, Surigao …

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Coin Operated PC Timer
Tue 25 Jan - 16:43 by

1.) Digital time indicator which disables
the monitor, keyboard or mouse when timer runs out.
2.) Compact design
3.) Last one minute alarm function

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Thu 23 Dec - 1:57 by webnetrhung
Internet (Chatting & Web Surfing)
LAN Games & Online Games
Invitation Cards
Photo Editing
CD & DVD Burning
Audio & Video Remix
ID Lamination
Games Installation (PC, PSP, MP3, MP4)
Software Installation
Hardware Installation
Network Installation
Computer Repair Hardware, Software & Troubleshooting



NOW Accept....

Software …

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WEBNET Internet Cafe Services Offered
Mon 20 Dec - 9:42 by

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 TuneUp Utilities 2011 v10.0.3000.101 Portable

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PostSubject: TuneUp Utilities 2011 v10.0.3000.101 Portable    Sun 13 Feb - 5:16

TuneUp Utilities 2011 v10.0.3000.101 Portable



TuneUp Utilities 2011 v10.0.3000.101 Portable

XP/Vista/Windows 7 (All 32/64 bit)

Multilanguage: En-De-Fr-Es-Ru-It-Nl-Br

TuneUp Utilities 2011 gets your PC, notebook, or netbook in top shape—saving you costly and painful upgrades.

The innovation of this year’s version:
TuneUp Program Deactivator, a unique tool that drastically reduces the load on your PC, giving you a true performance boost.

It combines important aspects of system configuration, security, cleaning and maintenance under a modern interface.
You can remove unnecessary files from your hard disk(s), clean and
optimize the registry, tweak your internet connection settings, recover
deleted files, optimize memory and view hardware information and tips.
TuneUp Utilities also includes an Uninstaller, registry Editor, Task
Manager and even an Undelete tool to recover files that have been
deleted from the recycle bin.

All operations performed on the operating system are completely safe,
because all changes are monitored by TuneUp Rescue Center and can be
undone at any time.

The software helps both beginners and experts to make Windows meet their needs in a way that is better, easier and safer.
All important system options are explained in an easy way and can be turned on or off at the click of your mouse.
TuneUp Utilities will then make the necessary changes in the registry or boot files automatically.
Most changes that you make can be undone in TuneUp Rescue Center - easily and safely.

TuneUp Utilities automatically runs important maintenance tasks for you,
makes you aware of any problems and offers simple solutions.

You can also use TuneUp Utilities to customize the appearance of your
Windows system - to make working on your computer more enjoyable.

The TuneUp Turbo Mode provides an immediate performance boost whenever you need it.
When you use your computer in the TuneUp Turbo Mode, an analysis is
performed to see which tasks, programs and functions are currently
running in the background that are not strictly necessary.
These programs are stopped or slowed down, allowing the additional
processing power gained to be used exclusively by the programs you are
actually running.

Maintain System
Regular maintenance increases the stability of your PC, but is complicated and takes a lot of time when doing it manually.

With TuneUp Utilities, you can clean up your computer and delete unnecessary files with only one click.

• 1-Click Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance
• Optimize system startup and shutdown
• Defragment hard disks
• Remove broken shortcuts
• Defragment registry
• Clean registry

Increase performance
Whether you are working or gaming: TuneUp Utilities increases the performance of your PC.
Programs that are used rarely or never are tracked down, startup
processes are shortened and unwanted garbage files are eliminated.
• Turbo Mode
• Configure Live Optimization
• Permanently erase data
• Free up disk space
• Configure system startup
• Manage running programs

• Display TuneUp Optimization Report
• Display and uninstall programs
• Show system information

Fix problems
With only a few clicks, you can fix typical Windows problems easily.
TuneUp Utilities finds errors on data carriers and fixes them
automatically — about 60 of the most frequent problems under Windows.
TuneUp Utilities can even restore files deleted by accident — quickly, easily, and reliably.
• Fix typical problems
• Restore deleted data
• Check hard drive for errors
• Undo changes
• Edit the registry

Customize Windows
Give your Windows a new look with TuneUp Utilities and customize
programs and system settings to meet your needs: boot screens, icons,
and animations provide that personalized look for your Desktop.
You can easily customize the appearance of Windows and settings of many programs to your liking.

• Personalize Windows appearance
• Change Windows settings

New functions:

* TuneUp Program Deactivator with TuneUp Programs-on-Demand Technology
Windows runs as fresh as it did on the very first day.

You can turn off programs completely and drastically reduce the load on your PC
The services, startup entries, background processes, or scheduled tasks
in a program that are turned off will remain inactive until you need
them again.
This way you avoid the loss in performance that is always a danger after many programs are installed.
One recommendation for Windows: Uninstall programs you no longer want to
use just as you did before, and use TuneUp Program Deactivator to turn
off that software you use only rarely, until you need it again.

* TuneUp Turbo Mode
Now 10 times more powerful than before, brings your PC to maximum speed for your work and games.

* Tuning status
Know instantly how well you’ve optimized your PC.

Tuning status shows how many optimizations have already been performed
with TuneUp Utilities, and what potential for optimization still
You will never forget or overlook a single tuning measure again.

With a single mouse click, shut down over 70 background processes that slow down Windows.
By pressing a button, you get an immediate boost of power when working
at your PC, a smoother gameplay, and complete control over background
activities that slow down your computer.

* Rating function for programs
The experiences of countless TuneUp Utilities users help you make the best tuning decisions.

Windows performs best and is most effective when you turn off programs,
deactivate startup entries and/or uninstall third party software that
you don't need on a daily basis.
But it’s often unclear what lies behind a cryptic program entry.
The new rating functions supports you here to make better decisions on each program.

* “Overview of all functions” pane
All power features in one window.

The new “Overview of all functions” view on the Start Center gives you
instant access to all 32 TuneUp Utilities features and settings.

* TuneUp Start Center
TuneUp Utilities is easier to use than ever.

The fresh look of the Start Center helps users find all optimization features in seconds.
Features stand out more clearly as they are now divided into five categories for maximum readability and immediate access.
TuneUp Utilities tuning highlights appear immediately under the
categories of “Status & recommendations”, “Optimize system”, “Gain
disk space”, “Fix problems”, and “Customize Windows”.
Turbo Mode can now be launched from any category at the click of a mouse, and Tuning status is always visible.

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TuneUp Utilities 2011 v10.0.3000.101 Portable
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